UCW Glossary of Services

SEO Terminology

UnderCurrent Web is a Search Engine Optimization company operating in beautiful Northwest Montana.  We specialize in putting websites to work for small business.  Every service we provide has one common goal – to increase the bottom line for our clients.  These terms will help you decipher just what it is we are doing for your business.

Web Content Writing: Creation of website content from secondary sources including publications, books, internet, marketing materials and interviews

Web Content Editing: Manipulation of existing website content for a specific purpose

Web Programming: Creation of all or part of a website using a programming language for a specific purpose

Site Audit: Evaluation of an existing website to gauge its perceived purpose and functionality; includes keyword evaluation, search engine placement, content evaluation, action step evaluation, and recommendation for future actions

Online Competition Analysis: Evaluation and comparison of competing websites for specific searches in top ranked positions; includes recommendation for action.  Complements a Site Audit

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Website improvements or alterations to maximize elements used to classify and rank sites by search engines with the goal of increasing traffic to the website

Search Results Report: Month-end report on the search placement of the site for selected keywords or key phrases in Google, Yahoo, and MSN, based on searches performed weekly

Statistics Report: Monthly comparison of site-user activity statistics including recommendations for improving website performance

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management: Also called Cost Per Click (CPC).  Utilization of PPC options (such as Google Adwords) to enhance exposure for specified keywords on search engines and content networks

Conversion Management: Utilization of Google Analytics for tracking of website goals and conversion of those goals, result oriented

Internal Site Metric Analysis: Utilization of custom web programming for reporting and analysis of specific website action steps to provide data for internal business use

Link Management: Increase links to and from your site to enhance search placement and verify accuracy of existing links

Keyword Management: Monitor and update site content including the addition of new pages to improve search ranking

Blog & News Promotion:  Relevant content creation for placement on the UnderCurrent Web network and other online press rooms to enhance search placement