A Website Optimization Company in Northwest Montana

Seth and I have always had a passion for business.  We dream up new businesses, ideal locations, and sources of funding constantly.  In fact I recently had the chance to chat, just in passing, with a local bank president.  Before I knew what my mouth was doing, it said “so, are you investing in new projects?  I’ve got about twenty on the back burner”.

That’s not quite how UnderCurrent Web was born, but it is the reason it’s taken us almost four years to launch this website.  One thing leads to another…and before you know it, you’ve spent years devoting your efforts to your clients businesses, and never quite coming back to square one.  Which is – tell the world about yourself.  Let them know you are there.  Get found on the internet…after all, that is what Website Optimization is all about right?

It’s funny, really, when you do website company research.  Turns out we are not the only Internet Marketing firm out there that has been pulled away from the task at hand, presumably to do real “work”.  That is how and why we get hired, isn’t it?  Our clients have the recognized need for a highly functional and attractive website that gets great search results and keeps searchers on the site until they take an action step.  But they just don’t have the time to do it themselves, because they are busy bringing home the bacon.

So here we are, square one.  Check out our new website, browse through our informative and clever content, see a collection of some of our fabulous photos from our adventures, and see if there is a website renovation we can perform for you.  One thing you can count on when you choose UnderCurrent Web is we will treat your business like its our own, and we won’t quit until we see results that will make a real difference in your bottom line.

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