Meet the UCW team

Stacey Schnebel

Project Manager

Administration / Content / SEO: Stacey Schnebel is a copywriter and editor with a background in sales and marketing for a variety of products and media. Eighteen years in the Montana hospitality and tourism industry have kept her abreast of the tour and travel climate and the changing needs, wants and desires driving that industry today. One of her special strengths is her ability to write quality content on a wide variety of topics, and in an appropriate and interesting voice for the subject. Stacey has a passion for learning our client’s business and targeting web content to their specific markets. You can count on Stacey to be thorough and accurate with your content updates and to maintain your unique “voice” online.

Seth Schnebel


Custom business applications / business continuity / web security: Seth Schnebel is an accomplished web programmer with over 23 years experience, and has earned a reputation for his dynamic database applications and web-based business solutions. He served several years with the Gateway to Glacier Trail group. One of his special strengths is his ability to push large projects through to completion on deadline, helping clients to meet their own deadlines. You can count on Seth to be completely versed and current with all web trends and search engine functionality.

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