Custom Business Applications

Maximizing the Potential of your Website Websites are powerful business tools.  Just like your copy machine, or a piece of heavy machinery, your website can perform laborious, time-consuming tasks quickly and efficiently.  UnderCurrent Web is your key to making your website work for you, providing custom dynamic website programming and web solutions. At UnderCurrent Web, our business is helping your business be as successful as possible. One area of our expertise is in web based […]

Services for the Website Developer

We’ll help you Launch Your Website on Time As a website developer, you can appreciate the importance of content; it is crucial to the launch of a website, and delays in its production lead to missed deadlines.  Your client wants to provide the content for their website because they know their product best.  However, most clients don’t have the time or training to make their content effective for both search engines and potential customers.  That’s […]