Website Security for your Business

Website security for UCW is about preventing business disruptions for our clients – disruptions that take your website offline or affect your users. These are the kinds of disruptions that could ultimately cost your business either monetarily or reputationally, and might affect its profitability.  With online threats that are continuous and growing, we are meeting the need for increased protection by evolving our security services for our clients.  Introducing our Critical Care Package Who is responsible […]

Custom Business Applications

Maximizing the Potential of your Website Websites are powerful business tools.  Just like your copy machine, or a piece of heavy machinery, your website can perform laborious, time-consuming tasks quickly and efficiently.  UnderCurrent Web is your key to making your website work for you, providing custom dynamic website programming and web solutions. At UnderCurrent Web, our business is helping your business be as successful as possible. One area of our expertise is in web based […]

Using WordPress for Website Optimization

WordPress Saves Money & Improves Performance Website technology has seen a lot of changes over the last several years.  Comprehensive websites used to be out of reach for most small businesses due to the high cost of custom programming a worthy website.  Functional, attractive and SEO targeted websites are no longer so hard to budget for with the WordPress publication system. UnderCurrent Web utilizes the WordPress publication system for our small business clients whose businesses […]

Community Leadership and Volunteerism

Doing Good Things for our Neighbors and our Community We believe it is our job to contribute to making our community a better place to be, even though it was pretty fantastic to begin with.  That’s why we prioritize community leadership and volunteer for special fundraising causes, get involved in local organizations, and own and operate another business as well.  Here is a sampling of the good things we are currently involved in: Stacey is […]

Enhancing Website Optimization

Increasing your User Engagement Simply stated, we put business websites to work for their business. While the SEO end of UnderCurrent Web focuses on getting your target market to your website, the programming side of our business focuses on enhancing the usability of your site through website optimization, ultimately keeping searchers on your site longer and converting them into paying customers. When a qualified potential customer lands on your site, they need to find what […]

Blogs: Fresh Web Content

Improving your Search Ranking  Blogs are an excellent way to provide fresh content for your website. When written properly, blog content improves your websites search rankings for specific keywords. With modern web technology, it is easy to have a built in blogging component for your website. UnderCurrent Web can help you achieve higher search engine rankings for your website through blogging. We will assist you with adding a blog component to your existing website, or […]

Data Analysis & Your Bottom Line

Analyze Data, Fine Tune Website, Repeat UnderCurrent Web approaches website optimization from an analytical perspective. Our goal is to demonstrate measurable change for every project using data analysis tools and Google Analytics. We begin each new project by analyzing existing data. If your existing website doesn’t have accumulated data, we will set up reporting and begin gathering data for analysis. The type of data we analyze includes traffic sources, user patterns and conversions within the […]

Online Publication Strategy

Strategically Achieve Business Success Successfully marketing your business online requires well timed publications in several similar, but distinctly different, online media outlets. When executed properly, your online publication strategy will be the key to your business success, capturing new customers and engaging your existing customers with your business. UnderCurrent Web provides clients with guidance on how to properly use each optimization method.  For instance, an email newsletter, social media post and blog post all have […]

Copywriting for Today’s Technologies

Website Content, Social Media, Email, Blogs and More At UnderCurrent Web, we specialize in creating effective written content for existing websites.  In the website world, “content is king”; it is what communicates your message to your audience, and it is what search engines look at in order to classify and rank your website.  When properly written, your website content will bring more traffic to your site and will keep it there longer. Whether it’s editing […]

Business Promotion with Social Media

Your Online Community & Internet Marketing Social Media has taken the business promotion world by storm in the last five years. Gone are the days when a bold telephone book listing and an annual mailer are enough to keep you in business. With the intense competition and value hungry customers, you need to take advantage of the opportunity that has emerged with Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. With these new social platforms have […]