Blogs: Fresh Web Content

Improving your Search Ranking  Blogs are an excellent way to provide fresh content for your website. When written properly, blog content improves your websites search rankings for specific keywords. With modern web technology, it is easy to have a built in blogging component for your website. UnderCurrent Web can help you achieve higher search engine rankings for your website through blogging. We will assist you with adding a blog component to your existing website, or […]

Business Promotion with Social Media

Your Online Community & Internet Marketing Social Media has taken the business promotion world by storm in the last five years. Gone are the days when a bold telephone book listing and an annual mailer are enough to keep you in business. With the intense competition and value hungry customers, you need to take advantage of the opportunity that has emerged with Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. With these new social platforms have […]

Email Marketing: Reaching Existing Customers

E-Newsletters and E-Blasts Email marketing is very effective for capturing repeat business from your existing customers and qualified potential customers. The most commonly recognized form of email marketing is the E-newsletter. The recipients of your e-newsletter have already qualified themselves as being in the market for your product or service and specifically interested in your business – after all, they had to provide you with their email address during some interaction with you. UnderCurrent Web […]

Social Media: Connecting Businesses to Customers

Building Relationships with Facebook and Twitter Strategies Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter provide a convenient way to share your latest information, like special deals, upcoming events and “insider” information for your business. Social media is by far the most cost effective way to communicate with your existing customers and to gain new customers. It can be even more effective than traditional forms of marketing and advertising, helping to get traffic through your […]