Website Content, Social Media, Email, Blogs and More

At UnderCurrent Web, we specialize in creating effective written content for existing websites.  In the website world, “content is king”; it is what communicates your message to your audience, and it is what search engines look at in order to classify and rank your website.  When properly written, your website content will bring more traffic to your site and will keep it there longer.

Whether it’s editing your existing content or producing fresh content, we will help your website reach your target audience on the web.  Through a detailed process of learning your business and structuring your information accordingly, we ensure the desired result – a clear message about your company, products, and services, and increased traffic to your site.

The traditional meaning of copywriting referred to article and advertising writing for print publications with the intent of promoting a business, person or idea. While print publications are still viable for businesses, today’s copywriters provide targeted copy for many modern applications online as well as in print.

UnderCurrent Web’s copywriting service covers all media – website content, email marketing, blogs, social media, print publications and advertising, as well as radio advertising. Our job is to determine what information your customers are looking for and to provide it in a way that engages them with your business. We’ll work with you to learn your product or service and your previous forms of copy messaging, ensuring that successful themes and tones are carried through to new copy, and unsuccessful messages are replaced with effective copy.

Consumer habits have changed rapidly with new technologies over the years. We keep you in tune with the new technologies and keep your business message relevant in the ever evolving marketplace.