Enhance Your Organic Search Placement

Our primary goal in Search Engine Optimization is to increase organic search placements, striving to achieve first page placements as often as possible. However, the process takes time which businesses often don’t have. There is another way to land your website on the first page for semi-qualified searchers – pay per click advertising.

Pay per click is available in all of the search engines, Google calls it AdWords for example. For a nominal fee, you can specify how many leads you would like to pay for to click through to your site. The bid process and the low ROI mean you’ll end up paying more and getting less over the long run.

We never recommend relying solely on Pay Per Click advertising, but it does have its uses. Pay Per Click is a great solution for advertising specials and deals. It’s also a short term idea for the period of time when your organic placements are still climbing the rankings.