Making your Website work for your business

UnderCurrent Web is a website optimization company.  Our website optimization services include website content writing and editing, Search Engine Optimization management, internet marketing, and website development and consultation.  Here is how these services can benefit your company.

Website Content:  The words people see on your website are highly valuable.  We can edit your existing content or write entirely new content using appropriate keywords and keyword phrases to increase the visibility of your website to the search engines and to keep potential customers interested and on your site longer.  More importantly, we’ll perform the research necessary to ensure we use the right keyword phrases for your specific product and target market.

Search Engine Optimization:  A combination of improving website content, and refreshing your website from the programming end.  We start with honing in on the right set of keywords, then we improve your content and work our magic on the back-end of the site.  The focus is to improve your organic search ranking.  This is valuable to you because you spend your money on optimization once, and your site continues to work for you.  The key here is you’ll see results over time.

Social media:  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…there is a big buzz going on in the social media world.  We’ll help you choose one or more of these platforms and get active in the Social Media world.  The basic idea is to get talked about and increase your business.

Email marketing:  Stay in touch with your existing customer base by keeping them informed of what’s new with your business.  We’ll create a newsletter email campaign to help you stay in touch.  You’ll also be able to see the success rates of your newsletter campaign and compare campaigns over time.

Blogs:  Blogs give you the opportunity to grow your online message. You can use a blog to expand upon an idea, delve into an aspect of your business, or highlight something unique and interesting. And when you combine fresh blog content with the use of social media, you are sure to increase your website traffic.

Pay Per Click: Get website traffic now using specific targeted advertising with Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter.  You determine how much you want to spend, we do the work for you.  This brings you traffic now, but you pay for it as you go.  Pay per click advertising complements organic search placement and should be used as a secondary strategy in most cases.

Internet Marketing:  Using a multi-faceted strategy (including some or all of the above strategies), we help you actively market your business and website online by keeping your website fresh and new potential customers walking through your online door every day of the year.